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    Could not find stateful session bean

    flo thomas Newbie

      when I redeploy / undeploy a Seam application that contains Stateful components which have the @Startup tag and are Application Scoped (also happens sometimes with Conversation scoped components) ,I get the error:
      Warn [Contexts] Could not destroy component: "componentName"
      EJBNoSuchObjectException: Could not find stateful bean: 5c4om-ox57ge-eue2b4rn-1-eue2cku8-1

      Has someone experienced similar behavior? I am using a nightly build of seam but I also had this behavior with the Beta 1.1 - Is there something I should watch out for when working with @Startup? Could you point me to a direction where I could look for errors - I am really blank on this one...

      Thank you!