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    Multiple Deploy of Seam

    Jacob Thompson Newbie

      Hi All,
      We have a fairly large application that is broken out into many web apps and many ejb3 apps in a single ear. Seam is in the classpath of many of these applications. When the app is deployed and the classpath is read from each component(from the MANIFEST.MF) file, seam is redeployed every time it is seen in a classpath. This makes for a very long startup time. Is there anything I can do to work around this or to keep it fro mdeploying multiple times?

      I get "Found non-jar deployer...." for jobss-seam.jar many times.

      Here is our general structure
      - admin.war
      - admin-ejb.jar
      - reporting.war (App web front end)
      - reporting-ejb.jar (App specific logic)
      - enterprise-ejb.jar (Common to all apps)
      - lib (All common libs including seam)

      There are many more apps than the ones above but you get the idea.

      Any thoughts