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    1.1.0B2 App framework and s:link

    Andy Dennis Newbie

      So here is my ordeal.
      I've taken a look at the contactlist code and am trying something similar in my app. So a list of items is presented on my main page with an s:link tag in the name column as so, using ui:repeat and table tags, just like the contactlist.


      <s:link view="/ItemEditor.xhtml" value="#{item.name}">
      <f:param name="itemId" value="#{item.id}"/>


      and in ItemEditor.xhtml I have

      #{item.name} Editor

      I only get Editor rendered on the screen.

      My guess is that the item object isn't being set in the conversation context.

      Can anyone explain what the f:param is doing and how that makes / should make the selected opject get stored in the conversation context.

      Am I on the right track? any ideas?