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    Component-driven events scope

    Ciro Cavani Novice

      I could not figure out from cap. 4 of docs if component-driven events are scoped or not.

      In doc (http://docs.jboss.com/seam/1.1BETA2/reference/en/html/events.html#d0e3261)

      You might wonder why I've not mentioned anything about event objects in this discussion. In Seam, there is no need for an event object to propagate state between event producer and listener. All state is held in the Seam contexts, and is shared between components.

      What happens when I have two components (both) on two different long conversations, first component rise an event that second "observe" (multiwindow, same forms, different data) and the first component of some conversation rise the event? both "seconds" will catch it or just the one in same long conversation?

      I think that I can almost approach conversation-scoped behavior observing "org.jboss.seam.postSetVariable." contextual events and outjecting simple object with some and this name will be my "event", right?