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    install SEAM and Portal together?

    Paul Harrington Newbie

      We are starting a project and wish to use SEAM in a JBoss portal environment. I was looking through the documentation for the 2 technologies, to work out which versions to install.

      In the jboss seam FAQ (http://labs.jboss.com/portal/jbossseam/faq) it states

      Q: What JBoss AS do I need to run Seam?
      A: Since Seam requires the latest edition of EJB3, you need to install JBoss AS from the latest JEMS installer. Make sure that you select the "ejb3" or "ejb3+clustering" profile to include EJB3 support


      In the jboss portal 2.6 reference guide it states:

      Make sure to download the JBoss AS Zip version. DO NOT ATTEMPT to deploy JBoss Portal on the installer version of JBoss AS! We are currently working on aligning the Application installer with JBoss Portal.

      This suggests they currently can?t be installed together, because one must be installed using the installer, and the other cannot be installed using the installer.

      Can anyone clarify how I can install the two technologies together, and if so can I use the latest versions Jboss 2.6 DR, and SEAM 1.1 BETA 2, or should I install earlier versions of one, or both?


      Paul Harrington