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    Problems with Seam 1.1 beta 2 and hibernate

    James Hoffa Newbie

      I switched to beta 2 and bumped into several new problems, but for the following I couldn't find a solution: NonUniqueObjectException.
      I DID read the posts on hibernate forum and the docs but nothing helped. The thing is, it did work just fine with seam 1.0.1

      what I am trying to do:
      The user is inserting a new or editing an existing facility. Like a wizard it spans over serveral pages, but the work is all done in one conversational seam component. so far this works just fine. on one page the user is supposed to select a region for the facility. If it does not exist, he can create a new one. that (creating) logic is done inside another conversational component, but here there is no reference whatsoever to facility. Now (after creating a new region) at the end of the facility-wizard (saveOrUpdate(facility);) I get the NonUniqueObjectException for facility. I tried to create the region in a nested conversation and in the same conversation.

      What can I do? Why didn't this accur in 1.0.1?

      thanks JJ