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    Workaround to

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      SEAM is really a great framework, and its conversation model solves a lot of implementation issues I've faced in web development. Because of that and other features I decided to start a project using SEAM.

      But now in the very beginning of the development phase I can't move forward because the already known bug Could not register Syncronization.

      The procedures to rise it's error is very simple. Basically I have a @statefull session bean and a @In anotation to inject a context component from the previous statefull session bean, like that:

      public class EditUserBean implements EditUser {

      User user;

      This is a bean to handle the edition of the user's attributes. It is injected from the following session bean: (which is the one used in the page to select a user from the list)

      public class UsersBean implements Users {

      private List<User> userList;

      private User user;

      If I remove the @In(create=true) annotation from the EditUserBean the error doesn't occur, but the user selected is obviously not injected.

      I'm using JBOSS 4.0.4GA and SEAM 1.0.1GA.

      I've updated my libs to EJB 3.0 RC9 but I'm still having the same problem.

      Does anyone know a workaround to this problem or I'll have to wait for the release of another version of EJB/JBOSS AS?