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    Concerning nested conversation

    anti spart Newbie

      Does calling an @End annotated method on an outer conversation guarantee that all nested conversations will be killed?

      I'm trying to use nested conversations to manage a hierarchy of selections (perhaps I shouldnt use conversations for this?) and am finding problems with nested conversations living past their parent conversation (or at least that seems to be the issue).


      select category A - first conversation
      select subcategory B - nested conversation
      select sub-subcategory C - 2nd nested conversation

      call @End deselect subcategory B
      -> this kills conversation B and C

      so now only A is selected.

      I'm having issues where C will stay selected even after deselecting B. 1.1.0 CR1 solved some issues I was having with this, some issues still persist and I'm wondering if I should not use conversations to manage this type of thing or if perhaps there's something else wrong.