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    problem with <a4j:repeater

    Blochaou Blochaou Newbie

      hi everybody

      i try to use repeater to dispay a menu. I use one repeater to display the items of the first level and another repeater for each items to display the subitems. Here is my code. Unfortunatly the second repeater does not work probably because the value of the second repeater depends on the var of the first repeater.
      Does anybody have a solution?

       <a4j:repeat id="rubriqueRepeat" value="#{AnnoncesBackingBean.rubriques}" var="rub">
       <rich:dropDownMenu direction="bottom-right" jointPoint="tr" value="#{rub.designation}">
       <a4j:repeat id="categorieRepeat" value="#{rub.categorieCollection}" var="cat">
       <rich:menuItem value="#{cat.designation}">
       <rich:menuItem value="ffh"/>