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    [DVD example]what does the transaction to="contact" do in th

    Ning Zhao Apprentice

      I'm learning from the DVD example in Seam 1.1.0CR 1, and building a similar project from scratch. In the newuser.jpd.xml file, there is:

      <page name="contact" view-id="/newuser/contact.xhtml"
       <transaction to="contact"/>
       <transition name="prev" to="account"/>
       <transition name="next" to="card"/>

      What does the bold line exactly do? No matter I include it in my similar application or comment it out, there was always errors and my application doesn't register new user.

      What does the standard.jar in the DVD example do? Do I have to include it in my application to get things working? For now I'm only doing pageflow management with jbpm. More concretely, I added a confirmation node between contact and complete. In the confirmation.xhtml, I wanted to display all the input from user and let user edit again if she finds any error by clicking the "prev" button. The hibernate.cfg.xml and jbpm.cfg.xml files in the exploded path. But always got delegate exception from a .jbpm.graph package. (I'm using mysql)

      Thanks in advance for any help.