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    Seam 1.1 CR1 - IceFaces bug?

    Marcin buojk Newbie

      I repeat my question about IceFaces, in Seam.

      Does anyone tryed to use TabbedPane in Seam-IceFaces.

      Why when I add TabSet, to example it's rendered without graphic?
      Tab works fine but i see only frames without graphic! Is this bug, or is this my problem? I tryed add tabset to Icefaces example from Seam 1.1 CR.1 and have same problem.

      I've worked on clear IceFaces project (wihout Seam) on TabSet and they're rendered very nice.

      <h:form id="myForm">
      <ice:panelTabSet selectedIndex="1" tabPlacement="top">
      <ice:panelTab label="Tab 1">Hello 1
      <ice:panelTab label="Tab 2">Hello 2
      <ice:panelTab label="Tab 3">Hello 3

      Did you try Gavin to use Tab Set in IceFaces implemented in Seam?