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    Seam 1.1CR: <s:cache> example?

    Chris Lowe Apprentice


      The <s:cache> component in the new 1.1 release looks mighty interesting but I'm struggling to locate any meaty information on the new component.

      I've read the updated Seam reference and even traced back to the JIRA issue from which it was born and unfortunately I'm none the wiser.

      I tried setting up the JBoss cache as in the remoting/chatroom example and this allowed me to get the tag working with limited success. The initial few loads of my test page seemed to work and then I got a whole bunch of errors that I'd not seen before from my application. Also, hot deployment of my project no longer worked. I tried getting into the JBoss cache docs but to be honest, I found it them somewhat perplexing for something that I'm just dabbling with.

      Are there any Seam cache examples knocking about? What sort of performance increases can I expect if I implement this right? What does it store/prevent from happening exactly? Does it do anything out of the ordinary like, say, prevent the cached part of the state from having to be serialized when using client state saving?