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    s:button VS h:commandButton / s:link VS h:commandLink

    ngeadah Newbie

      What is the difference between s:button and h:commandButton for simple things like calling an action?

      I have Seam 1.1CR1, JSF, Facelets all configured fine (at least I think), and the following works great:

      <h:commandButton value="Login" action="#{loginClient.login}"/>

      While the following calls out to the action but does not seem to perform any injection.

      <s:button value="Login" action="#{loginClient.login}"/>

      Same problem with s:link VS h:commandLink (which uses JS to submit - yuck!). I would much rather use the Seam UI components but they simply are not working right for me because the injection is not occuring. Anyone seen this problem before?