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    <s:link> and JavaScript

    Markus Dahm Novice


      I've got a problem using the <s:link> tag. I'm using it in a data table
      just like in the examples

      <h:dataTable var="v" value="#{mydata}">
       <s:link value="Delete" action="#{listAction.delete" linkStyle="button"
       onclick="javascript:return confirm('Do you really want to do this?');"/>

      However, the code never ends up in the output, i.e. the HTML code.
      Instead, Seam puts its own code there.

      <input type="button"onclick="location.href='/iv/listData.seam?actionMethod=listData.delete&dataModelSelection=mydata%5B0%5D'" value="Delete" />

      Is this impossible or can the Seam code and mine somehow live together in harmony :-)