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    Ajax4JSF vs IceFaces

    anti spart Newbie

      I'm curious if Seam will be moving away from A4J towards Icefaces. I don't mean to state that support for the two is mutually exclusive - which it's not (to my knowledge). I ask only because I noticed the latest booking example was ported to Icefaces.

      There is some overlap between the two in terms of functionality and I'm wondering what direction Seam will take or what preference Seam maintainers have.

      I haven't be able to use Icefaces with JSF RI 1.2 -- and I believe someone linked a forum post on icefaces.org that stated that they're looking at Q1 07 for 1.2 compatibility. So, as much as I'd like to try out Icefaces I don't want to switch to 1.1 or myfaces right now.

      Any thoughts?