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    ICEfaces and EL problem

    Samuel Mendenhall Apprentice

      I installed Icefaces into my app and got it working, however in turn, it broke the EL.

      On my index.xhtml I have a login/logout, the logout will be shown on the evaluation of #{loggedIn}

      Which worked pre ICEfaces, when I installed ICEFaces the actual icefaces component worked, but part of my EL stopped working, the part that evaluates variables that don't exist.

      When I first open the index.seam in the browser the page has #{loggedIn} however, the variable loggedIn is not created until a user actually logs in. Pre ICEfaces, everything worked great, since I am assuming that loggedIn resolved to null, which I assume equates with false.

      In the server.log I tracked down the problem to:
      could not resolve variable loggedIn

      But no more exceptions or anything, that was all I saw in the debug.

      Has anyone else had this problem or a solution?