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    Icefaces, pageflows and redirect

    Edwin van der Elst Newbie


      I am trying to use Icefaces in an existing (working) application using facelets and pageflows. I used jars and examples from the Seam-1.1.0-CR2 release.

      After modifying all configuration files (web.xml, faces-config.xml etc., icesfaces-facelets.jar instead of facelets.jar) the pageflow doesn't work anymore (keeps redisplaying the same page).

      Part of my pageflow:

      <page name="selectOrganisaton" view-id="/aw/selectOrg.xhtml">
       <transition ....> etc.

      Removing the redirect solves the problem (but offcourse without a redirect)

      Another (unrelated?) issue is that I am trying to replicate the 'autoComplete' example from Icefaces in a seam application. After the first letter I type, the valuechangeListener is executed, but the page shows a message that the session is lost.

      Has anyone used Icefaces in combination with pageflows?

      Edwin van der Elst
      Finalist IT Group