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    @End conversation and @Begin new one on same Action

    Ed Kusnitz Newbie

      Is there a way to @End the previous conversation and @Begin a new one from the same action? We have an application with a list of nodes on the left side and the capability of editing them one at a time on the right. So when one is selected, we want to be in a conversation, but if the user selects a different node we want to end it and start a new one. Similarly, the user may begin a series of edits and then save or cancel; we would like to end that conversation and begin a new one within a single action. I don't see a way of doing it; you can't annotate the same action with both @Begin and @End (no conversation will be created).
      If you use nested=true you wind up with the possibility of having multiple nested unended conversations. If you use just a straight Begin, you get an error about trying to start a conversation from within a conversation. It seems like there should be an endPrevious=true option.