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    <rich:comboBox> Bug or Feature

    Buttau Alexander Newbie

      I found some unexpected behavior in a <rich:comboBox>-Control and do not know whether this is a bug or a feature.

      If you have a combobox on your page with attributes selectFirstOnUpdate and directInputSuggestions set to true

      <rich:comboBox selectFirstOnUpdate="true" directInputSuggestions="true">

      ... and press "TAB" so that combobox gets a focus and than press "TAB" again so that combobox looses the focus, you'll see that combobox's value is set to the first value from the list.

      It's not a behavior that I expected. I would expect that combobox's value will be set only if user type something and not only press "TAB".

      you can check it on the RichFaces-Demopage (3rd combobox)

      Is this a bug or a feature?