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    Server side state saving - current status?

    cdanielw Newbie

      The reference manual says you shouldn't use server side state saving with MyFaces.

      If you are using Seam in Apache MyFaces (and possibly some other JSF implementations), you must use client-side state saving.

      However, it seems like people had some success with it:

      I'm just starting out with Seam and have an application that needs to be accessed from developing countries. As it turns out with client side state saving, the pages end up on around 300K, which would be completely unacceptable.

      I?ve switched to server side and things _seem_ to work fine. However, what?s the ?official? answer to this ? is client side still the only supported mode, but server side might work? Is full support for server side state saving on the road map?

      (If I understand it correctly, it?s an issue with MyFaces server side state saving which is/was main issue ? so not the fault of you Seam guys?)

      I?m running Seam 1.1-CR2, a recent MyFaces 1.5 nightly, Facelets 1.1.11, ajax4jsf-rc4 and Hibernate 3.2.1 under Tomcat 5.5.x.