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    Seam 1.1 and Spring

    Papick Newbie

      I read that it is now possible to deploy Seam even without the embeddable ejb3 server.

      Is there any example for this configuration?

      Would it be possible to use a datasource/ transaction manager configured in Spring and have it injected in the Seam context? I have a Spring based backend and would like to add Seam.

      I have seen Spring integration at Variable resolver level, but what I need (and I believe many others) is a "we can use the existing backend" integration.

      Any help/ comments/ flames on this one?



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          Norman Richards Master

          I believe the hibernate example app and new jpa example app both demonstrate seam without embedded ejb3.

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            Gavin King Master

            Right. And you *can* use the existing backend. You need:

            Needed: A JSF VariableResolver so that spring (or whatever) components can be injected into seam components.

            Recommended: A spring factory of whatever to let you inject a Seam-managed persistence context (Hibernate session or EntityManager) into your existing DAOs.

            I guess this is a frequent enough request that we should build a package with this stuff in it.