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    Overall seam question - component timeouts

    Chris Morrisette Newbie

      I am using Seam heavily on my latest project, especially the remoting.

      One question I am having trouble finding a concrete answer to is the best practices regarding 'timeout's of various components.

      Please correct me if I am wrong, but I understand there to be three components whose timeouts need to be configured correctlly:

      1) Session timeout (tomcat/jboss configuration)
      2) Conversation timeout (Seam configuration)
      3) Stateful Session Bean timeout/CacheConfig (jboss configuration)

      In my mind, these 'timeouts' need to be configured to be identical (or at least the session timeout less than the other two), otherwise the user experience becomes unpredictable (state is lost in SFSBs, etc.).

      Is this understanding correct? By default, it doesn't appear the 'timeout' settings are configured like this, which I noticed bcause I was losing state in my SFSBs after a certain amount of time.

      Thanks for your help and hardwork, I really enjoy using Seam.