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    Best component library to work with Seam?

    Tino Nitze Newbie

      Since I read a couple times in Gavin's posts not to use Tomahawk, I am not going to bring it up again. Instead my question is thus, which is the best additional component library to use with Seam1.1/MyFaces1.5. I would really like to have some more components which would simplify my life by adding e.g. a calendar component.
      I tried to configure Icefaces by following the example in the CR2 with no luck. My long running conversation was not started anymore. For no obvious reason...No error log nothing, just not started (no cid is being added).
      I tried to add Trinidad following the example in the Wiki, with the same luck here. This time I get a "No RenderingContext" Seam error when requesting a page. The JBoss startup and Seam initialization went just fine.

      I am kinda stuck here. Any suggestions? Are there less complicated component libraries i could easily just _use_?

      Thank you,