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    question of possibility: user forwared/coming back

    a m Newbie

      well, i dont know if this is possible with seam or if there is any great other solution i should use to solve the problem (i'm a newbie related to seam, jsf and ejb...) and i dont expect a detailed answer but i would be thankful for some keywords (even you tell me: seam doesnt provide functionality to make it work easily, do it this or that way :D )

      i want to forward a user visiting my site to another site where he logs in into a system with the sites userdata. then the user shall be redirected back to my site and automatically logged in with some information the site sends to me.
      the other sites login page will be written in php and the admin doesnt want any java-stuff on his machine so i only see the possibility to communicate via http requests.
      if there is only the possibility to work with http-requests then my question would be: what is the best way of getting the information out of a user related http request into the seam-application.
      between my an the other side theres the internet. so security is an important issue.
      i thought about some sort of security-string thats generated when visiting my site (dunno if thats really necessary since we use ssl. certificate given directly to the admin) and active for only a short time. i would have to pass the string to the site. then the user logs in, i would get the userid and the string back and send an answer with another very short time string (perhaps only this string is necessary) which the other server would use to redirect the user to my page.

      well hope you know what i mean or at least what i wanna do, because i dont want to hear anybody say: what a crappy solution, this guy had no idea of what he was doing :P