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    Combinding Seam's pages.xml and the a4j:include of Ajax4Jsf?

    Andrew Apprentice

      The pages.xml features have been invaluable for executing actions when a page is loaded. I also see that it now has support for changing the view if a conversation is not active.

      These features are great, but unfortunately on apply to root views. Ajax4Jsf has a include tag that pulls in a page to make up part of the parent page. This included, child page is a normal view-id.

      I would love to see Seam enhance and support this control so that the pages.xml can react to the child view. For example:


      <aj4:include viewId="/includes/b.xhtml" />...

      And then be able to:

      <page view-id="/includes/b.xhtml"
       no-conversation-view-id="/includes/noConversation.xhtml" />

      Do you think that this would be possible, and if not, what kind of work would be required to integrate this into an extended version of a4j:include?