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    Richfaces effects problem

    Gregory L Newbie

      I believe that there is some bug/whatever in richfaces effects javascript.
      I am using sourceview.xhtml that shows richfaces examples source
      in fameous blindDown blindUp manner. I have modified a little bit this facelet.
      I have put hide link in rich:panel header, and removed fade effect so hide link is always visible.
      The problem is that when i keep clicking on this header for show and hide without waiting
      for effect's end. When I click on hide link in the middle of blindDown it seems that script
      is remembering this panel height and next time I want to show source, the panel
      is not blinded down fully but only some part and scrollbar appears.
      Eventually panel height will be very small, so small that I am not able to see what's inside
      not even the scrollbar It is probably something with blindDown blindUp javascript.
      What you say about it?

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          Ilya Shaikovsky Master

          effects - isn't pure RF components.. It's just wrapper for scriptaculous effects with some additions for declarative page definitions.

          So we do not responsible for the issues in the script. We just update the script to be used by the component after new versions released. So you could rise this question at their support resources. Starting fixing this script by ourselves will cause future incompatibilities while trying to update it.