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    @DataModel outjection problem

    Ciro Cavani Novice

      I have one field outjected by @DataModel annotation on SFSB on a long conversation. This field is a List of Entity Beans (query populated). When user click to add, I put a new instance on list and outject this instance for editing. On save action, I persist this instance and query again, but the equals/hash don't change because database id isn't relevant for equality. When user try edit this entry, save duplicate the entry (just in this case).

      I figured out the problem is (from @DataModel JavaDoc):

      (...) Note that the List, Map, Set or array will be re-wrapped and re-outjected each time the current component value is different to the value held by the context variable as determined by calling equals() on the underlying collection.

      My solution was: (before query again on save)


      Is possible do this simpler or more manageable?