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    log4j configuration with JBoss AS & Seam

    adsf adsf Newbie


      how can I configure log4j (the logging level, the appenders, ...)?

      I would like to have one configuration file per application and log to one file per application in /server/{server-configuration}/log/{applicationname}.log. Last but not least i would like to use log4j.xml, not log4j.properties.

      I searched the docs but all examples seem to be for Tomcat deployement and I want to deploy on JBoss. I crawled the web but everything I found didn't work. I even changed the /server/{server-configuration}/conf/log4j.xml but this didn't work either.

      So I would greatly appreciate any hints / examples / links ...

      Thanks a lot in advance :)

      PS: I use JBoss 4.0.5 & Seam 1.1