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    Future direction for Embeeded EJB


      Hi Gavin,

      Congratulations on 1.1GA!, the framework part, is a jewel to show (and understand) the rest of Seam's capabilities, simple yet elegant, well done!

      Now, given the two alternatives for Seam applications outside JBoss AS, (for us dealing with other AS (Weblogic and Websphere), what would you recommend today and the foreseeable future? Embedded EJB or Hibernate/JPA approach, for say, simple database web applications. (no MDBs)

      Also, I?ve noted SeamGen produces Pojos, are there plans to support direct EJB generation ?

      Finally, is there any possibility of Embedded EJB to become secondary given there is JBoss AS (Full container), and the recent added support for Hibernate/JPA?

      Looking forward for the latest announced releases !


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          Probably go with Hibernate/JPA. This is the option that we will sell support for (soon). E-EJB3 needs a bit of additional maturity before we would be happy supporting it, at least at the platinum level.

          Yes, support for EJB3 generation is planned. (There was a little bug in the EJB3 container that stopped me doing it for now.)

          E-EJB3 is secondary for now, but once people are done on the current efforts with the CTS for JBoss 5, and get free up to work on that, we are still committed to turning it into a mature product.