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    A little confused about remoting and conversations

    Chris Morrisette Newbie

      My intended usage of remoting is a single conversation for my entire page experience.
      In the Seam documentation, it says:

      If you are working with just a single conversation, then you don't need to do anything special.
      (regarding setting the conversation id). Therefore I currently don't attempt to ever set the conversation id.

      In addition, in the onload event of the page, I begin the conversation by invoking a method on a SFSB with the annotation @Begin.

      My problem is that conversation id changes occassionaly (not reliably reproducable), even though I am invoking the same SFSB.
      Here is an example of the debug output where the conversation id changes:
      Sun Dec 17 2006 20:29:36 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time): Request packet:
      <envelope><header><context><conversationId>57</conversationId></context></header><body><call component="serviceBusiness" method="getServiceParameters" id="17">
      Sun Dec 17 2006 20:29:36 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time): Response packet:
      <envelope><header><context><conversationId>2</conversationId></context></header><body><result id="17"><value><str>..somedata...</str></value><refs></refs></result></body></envelope>

      I would prefer not to have to set the conversation id all over the place, if I can avoid it (although its not that big of a deal). More importantly, I would just like to determine if I am doing something wrong.

      Thanks for any help you can offer.