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    problem with s:button, s:link and action

    Vitaly Masterov Newbie

      I try to use s:button with action attribute and i use EntityHome class: xml-declarations kinds in components.xml:

      <factory name="myEntity" value="#{myEntityHome.instance}"/>
       <fwk:entity-home name="myEntityHome"

      With s:button action-attribute i assign following:
      <s:button action="#{myEntityHome.persist}" view="/myPage.xhtml" value="Create" />
      Also I have following form:
       <td><h:outputLabel value="#{messages['common.name']}"/></td>
       <td><s:decorate><h:inputText value="#{myEntity.name}"/></s:decorate></td>
       <td><h:outputLabel value="#{messages['common.description']}"/></td>
       <td><h:inputText value="#{myEntity.description}"/></td>

      But I get entity with empty fields in my database, when I click on the button.
      All works well, if I use <h:commandButton ... />