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    Conversation timeout and pageflow

    Kevin C Newbie


      I have a pageflow with Begin defined at the Create method of a SFSB. One of the pages in the pagefow has a pop up window which opens in new window to search and set a value in the parent window. Now this child window is not part of the page flow but the parent window is. Now,

      1. The user has started the pageflow and also has invoked the child window from the parent window.

      2. Before the end-conversation page of the page flow is reached, the user starts the same page-flow from another navigation point (Pagflow in create mode from menu or in edit mode from search and edit page ).

      3. Now, when the user is in the second conversation with the same pageflow, conversation timeout for the first conversation is called and it is calling the destroy for the SFSB instance of the second conversation also.

      What can be the probem ? Is there any by which I can specify a popup also as part of the pageflow ?