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    Several a4j:status in one a4j:region or other solution


      Can I have several a4j:status in one a4j:region?
      After reading docs I think no, so why?

      I need this, for example:
      I have one action component and when ajax request is processing I need visualize this event in two or more places on the page.
      How can I do this?

      I thought about:
      1. Two a4j:status in one region:
      Result: duplicate Id for a component _viewRoot:status

      2. Two a4j:status in two regions, but with the same "for" attribute
      Result: duplicate Id for a component _viewRoot:status

      3. <a4j:command status="firstStatus, secondStatus"
      Result: not as I expected

      Each described solution is'nt working properly
      I thought also about onStart attribute and onStop but I don't want do that (by javascript).