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    Gavin King Master

      Hi everyone :-)

      Just to let you know, I'll be on vacation for about 2.5 weeks, with a woman instead of a laptop, so please fight amongst yourselves until I get back.

      Actually, Norman Richards is now temporarily in charge of all the essential functions I usually perform, eg. drunkenly insulting users at 3AM, getting in flamewars with Spring zealots, sending counterproductive curse-word-laden emails to services about why we don't have Seam training productized yet, not getting out of bed until 1PM, posting flamebait blogs, etc, so please give him as hard a time as possible until I get back, so that he can learn to regret the move from PM to dev.

      OK, what I really mean to say is thanks for everyone's support and encouragement, have a great holiday, and please be nice to Norman :-)

      Merry christmas!