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    Design question

    Eduard Newbie

      Hi everyone,

      First of all I love Seam. So far we've built one application of the medium complexity and experience is very positive.

      We have pretty large legacy application which needs to be brought to the new technology with certain improvements. I can see how most of it could be implemented using Seam. There is though one module which is completely meta data driven. We have a set of dynamic forms which have variable number of controls. Controls' name get there names assigned at runtime based on a couple of factors: user role, product category, etc.
      The question is how one can capture the data from like this in non ugly way? Is there a way to implement this is Seam?

      I appreciate your attention and ideas.

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          Pete Muir Master

          Can you give us a bit more detail? Something concrete?

          Some ideas I've used: facelets tag handlers, dynamically ui:including forms

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            Eduard Newbie

            The idea is that we have a set of products. Each of them has a number of attributes. Each attribute can be marked as searchable which makes them appear on the product search page. Operator can turn the searchable attribute on and off at application runtime. Name of the corresponding to the attribute form control is <product_name>_<attribute_name>.
            Currently we are using ajax to build this form on the fly. Application is old, completely home grown, no framework is used.