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    Ly Le Newbie


      I have a LoggedInInterceptor class, which checks whether a user is logged before performing some action.
      From my main page, I have a link, which opens a new window and do some other action. When the new window opens, it always asks the user to type in the user name and password eventhough i already logged in from the main page. Why is this behavior? How can I avoid it?


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          Mike Quilleash Newbie

          Probably need to post your code but my best guess is the logged in information/marker is not available to the second window. If you are using a conversation scope this is likely. Using the session scope this may be possible as well depending on if a new window creates a different server side session to the first one.

          Step through your Interceptor after clicking the link and see where it goes wrong.



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            Ly Le Newbie

            Thanks for your response.

            I figured it out. It actually has nothing to do with my LoggedInInterceptor. It's due to the security constraint I set in web.xml for accessing .xhtml files directly and I put ".xhtml" in my javascript when opening a new window. Sorry, false alarm :-)