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    Numerics and Decimals in mysql 5

    jdijkmeijer Newbie

      Hi I'm using seam-gen (seam 1.1GA) and jboss 4.0.5 GA non clustered ejb3 together with mysql.
      In de createdb script of mysql I create a colum like amount NUMERIC(10,2), looking at it by desc table shows decimal (10,2). MySQL chooses not to use numerics but decimals instead. What's in a name.
      seam generate-entitiies works fine, but the scale is omitted, no problem I can add that by hand. However with the added scale I still get an expected numeric exception on deployment, I checked the dialect (mysql) and I'm a bit lost at this moment. Nor do I see any reference to this problem, which makes me wonder whether I'm doing something very unusual (unlikely numerics are widely used at my work (oracle)), or very stupid...?
      any help would be appreciated.

      (mysql 5.02, jboss 4.0.5GA seam1.1GA, winxp sp2).