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    Usage of selectitems breaks application flow (weird!)

    Tino Nitze Newbie

      I've been struggling with this for weeeks now. And I ultimately tracked it down to selectitems. Neither the f:selectItems with converter nor the si:selectitems will work. the selectitems will be displayed as expected in a drop-down box (i.e. selectOnemenu) but as soon as I want to execute any action from this page, the application doesn't react anymore. this only happens to those selectitems which represents entities and have to be converted. (no usable logs after a certain point, no exceptions thrown)
      Before I loose myself in tons of details and source extracts:
      Did anyone of you ever experience strange behaviour when working with selectitems. Is there anything, maybe related to the entitymanager or the extended persistence context (which I use) I need to know about?

      Any help / suggestion or advise is MUCH appreciated! I'm really stuck here.

      Merry Christmas,