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    Fields of Seam-managed-component are loosing values

    Karl August Newbie

      Hi there,
      I ran into a strange problem:
      What I'm trying to do is:
      An action is called on conversation-component 'A'. All fields are perfectly injected and carry the right values.
      Now I'm calling a method in conversation-component 'B' from the action-method in component 'A' (not directly, happens through observer-pattern).
      Bean 'B' has a field, where an instance of Bean 'A' is injected - works correct, too.
      The method in Bean 'B' calls a method in Bean 'A' - still works correct.
      But: When Bean 'B' returns from the method-call and I'm back in Bean 'A' again, all the seam-managed-fields in Bean 'A' are set to null suddenly.
      How is that possible? It's still the same object, just the fields are empty.. Any suggestions?

      Thank you so much for an answer, I'm down on the floor ;)