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    Diff in behaviour with STATE_SAVING changed to server from c

    Kevin C Newbie


      I have the navigation menu in my application as outputlinks to *.seam pages. When the page is taken thru the outputlinks, I begin the conversation by annotating the Factory method(s) in converstation scoped SFSB with @Begin(join=true).

      Now, if the STATE_SAVING is client, every time when i click on the link, i will get a new bean instance and hence the create method will be called. If i change the STATE_SAVNG to server, the same bean instance is returned every time so that even if the user takes the page from the menu again, the page will not get refershed.

      I am using Seam 1.1 GA, MyFaces 1.1.4 and ajax4jsf 1.0.5.