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    Use complex attributes the old style

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      My Seam component named "CustomerWeb" defines an attribute

      public LocalContactData localContactData_WEB_IN;

      , where LocalContactData is a seam component named "localContactData_WEB_IN". It is an entity bean, too.

      In my JSF page it is refered to as

      Now I want to rewrite it in the JSF-style way:

      public void setLocalContactData_WEB_IN(
       LocalContactData value) {
       localContactData_WEB_IN = value;
       public LocalContactData getLocalContactData_WEB_IN() {
       return localContactData_WEB_IN;

      But I get a javax.faces.el.PropertyNotFoundException Exception when
      reading it in a JSF page as


      Any idea?

      (I even have initialized localContactData_WEB_IN before, to have no NULL-caused error)