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    How to debug seam-gen generated project in Eclipse (JBoss-ID

    Francisco Lozano Newbie

      I've just downloaded Jboss IDE 2.0 beta2 and I have JBoss 4.0.5 installed.
      I can deploy with seam-gen my app and works correctly in JBoss. Now I'm trying to debug the project in Jboss IDE but I can't. I've added the JBoss 4.0 runtime in Window -> Preferences -> Servers -> Installed runtimes, but when I right-click the project and go to "Run As", I don't have any server to run on.

      In Window -> Preferences -> Jboss Eclipse IDE I don't get any server either, and I don't see how can I add one there.

      Any quick guide to debug eclipse apps with the seam stack? I'm new to application servers as I've always used jetty + jetty launcher and I can't see how to start debugging with jboss.