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    Seam IceFaces question

    Gregory Nikle Apprentice

      Hi Gavin,
      can U answer for my questions abous Seam IceFaces?

      I have Seam app and sometimes when I clicking on action links got error "User session expired", but session not expireds. First I thougth this is my code problem but I made simple app, like this.

      Main Page
      <s:link value="ONE" action="#{homeAction.testOne}"/>
      <s:link value="TWO" action="#{homeAction.testTwo}"/>
       <ice:panelGrid styleClass="contentLayoutGridStyle" columns="1" border="0">
       <ice:panelTabSet tabPlacement="top" styleClass="componentPanelTabSetLayout">
       <ice:panelTab label="Panel A">AAA</ice:panelTab>
       <ice:panelTab label="Panel B">BBB</ice:panelTab>
       <ice:panelTab label="Panel C">CCC</ice:panelTab>
       <ice:panelTab label="Panel D">DDD</ice:panelTab>

      and stateful bean,

      public class HomeAction implements HomeConsole {
       public HomeAction() {}
       private EntityManager em;
       public String testOne() {
       try {
       Query questionsListQuery = em.createQuery("FROM Category c");
       List<Category> questionsListSize = questionsListQuery.getResultList();
       System.out.println("Query Size:" + questionsListSize.size());
       catch(EJBException e) { e.printStackTrace(); }
       return "/home.xhtml";
       public String testTwo() {
       return "/home.xhtml";
       @Destroy @Remove
       public void destroy() { System.out.println("homeAction - destroy"); }

      when I clicking link like testOne,testTwo,...etc. sometimes maybe after 5-15 click-times and GO TO SWITCH TAB this error is thrown again!
      this is happen to when have those links and ice:dataTable connected to dataPaginator and try to switch page in paginator.
      Question is why? There's no source error. (I think)
      TEST II
      When I removed try {} block from testOne() and leaved ony system.out... (thought "user eror.." is thrown, by db) problem is not resoled.

      Test III
      I added those source code to your's booking-example (seam-icefaces app), to main page,
      error is still thrown.
      Can U tell me what I do wrong, and how to resolve it?
      In some post here on forum U said that seam/Icefaces apps need SeamVariableResolver to work clear.
      Can U tel me why, and why those SeamVariableResolver isnt' in Seam-Booking faces-config.xml?


      P.S. Can anyone check those simple example by clicking few times link and switch tab, or maybe this is only my problem.

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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          I have similar problems as well. Conversations suddenly disappear, tabswitching stops working and I get a disconnected in the 'icefaces connection status. But more important, conversation switching does not work at all via the dropdown list or the full list. Always the latest conversation is selected and stays at the top of the list. Might be that all this is related and I'll try your testcase later this evening.