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      Few questions about navigation:

      1) When using pages.xml as opposed to navigation.xml, when would you specify @Begin and @End on bean methods rather than in the pages.xml file (and I know you can put it in both places, but that's just for better documentation)? I'd guess that pages.xml makes the @Begin and @End unnecessary, because it can do the same thing but offer more functionality.

      2) Aren't the @Begin and @End somewhat inflexible - e.g. can one method marked @End end a conversation started from one page or method but not another - I'm guessing no, right - it would end every conversation? But what I mentioned is possible if specified in pages.xml? Hmm, am I making any sense here...?

      3) Also, when using pages.xml as opposed to navigation.xml, where must the pageflowDefinitions or processDefinitions file be located? (Which archive file, and which folder underneath it? Anywhere on the classpath, or a particular set of places where it must be located?)

      <component class="org.jboss.seam.core.Jbpm">
       <property name="processDefinitions">

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          It's probably a good time to bump this post to the top (sorry :), because I am starting to use and learn about conversations. With so many different paths a conversation can take, it seems like almost every method on my SFSBs have both a @Begin and an @End, because of that method's role in one conversation or another...

          e.g. If my SFSB has 10 methods with a large number of paths that the conversation can legally take, I start annotating those 10 methods with @Begin and @End for every conversation, one by one. Once annotating all conversations is done, I figure out too many methods have @Begin and @End, and it's totally inaccurate...