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    actions on items from (framework) entity-query ?

    Bengt Månsson Newbie

      I have an entity bean but I try to do without a session bean to manage it. Instead I use the framework to define an entity-query that I use in a table. Getting and displaying the members works fine, but I cannot call the methods.

      <ui:repeat value="#{myquery.resultList}" var="a">
       <td><h:outputText value="#{a.number}" /></td>
       <s:link action="#{a.show}" value="show" rendered="#{!a.visible}" />
       <s:link action="#{a.hide}" value="hide" rendered="#{a.visible}" />
      The link will get the correct text (show or hide) depending on the value of the member visible but the actions will not work.

      I guess this is not the proper way to do this, but I'm sure you understand what I try to do.
      Can anyone tell me a better approach?