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    How to test Seam/JSF/EJB3

    jk;l jkl; Expert

      If you have an application that uses Seam, JSF, and EJB3, how would you test all of this? I've searched for a fair bit of time but haven't been able to turn up any useful resources on testing...

      I've come across some things that talk about mock objects, others that talk about using some embedded container, others that say I'm trying to test the wrong thing...so I'm really confused about what I actually need to do.

      I realize there are different layers of testing, but could somebody please lay it all out for me from the perspective of Seam, JSF, and EJB3 (I already know the differences between unit testing, integration testing, etc, so that's not what I mean)?

      Your help would be really appreciated...I really don't even know how to begin...