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    invoke a action method everytime a page is accessed FROM ano

    anti spart Newbie

      I have a SFSB in conversation scope. But I want to have the option of passing it request parameters.

      So, for example:

      <s:link value="Search" action="search">
      <f:param name="searchPattern" value="#{oldbean.searchPattern}"/>

      Now, I need some way of telling the searchActionBean to use the RequestParameter searchPattern instead of another one living in conversation scope (they cant be the same property b/c of some other complication).

      Now, if i put an action=... in pages.xml this will get called everytime the page/view is accessed. Instead I only want this action method to be invoked when the request parameter comes in. I thought I could stick a call to this method in the setter but the setter seems to be called regardless of whether the RequestParameter is specified.

      Anyone have any ideas what i can do?