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    Env entry & @Resource

    Toni Beckman Novice


      is it possible to use the @Resource annotation to inject deploy time configured properties into a field variable of a SLSB?

      Trying to inject the value into a SLSB does not work. The field of the SLSB remains NULL.

      Here the ejb-jar.xml which I place in "/ejb/META-INF/":








      public class EmailBean implements EmailBeanInterface
      @In(create = true)
      EntityManager entityManager;

      String archiveEmailAddress;

      Has anybody got this working with seam?

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          Norman Richards Master

          envv-entry-value looks like a typo to me.

          Seam is not doing anything with that - it is purely the EJB3 container. If it isn't working right, you should check the EJB3 forums and/or open an EJB3 JIRA issue.

          Out of curiosity, what do you see as the advantages of trying to use this as opposed to using a configuration property in components.xml?

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            Toni Beckman Novice

            Thxs. I corrected the typo, but it's still not working. I also can't see it in the JNDI Tree of the MX console so it seems to be a binding problem. It should appear there, right?

            Well, there is no real argument for using this over that. But I read the oreilly books and follow standards. So, I guess if there is a standard way of doing something, and I mean industry standard, I rather use it.

            But since seam and many other things are proprietary in the first place there is really no point in not using what you suggest. I guess it's just a prefence to choose standards over propiertary software.