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    seamSelectItems-1.1.1beta4 and EntityManager injection

    Sean Radford Novice

      Is it working?

      i.e. If I specify an alternate EntityManager in components.xml it isn't being injected:

      <component name="org.jboss.seam.selectitems.SelectItemsConfig">
       <property name="entityManager">#{MyAlternateEM}</property>

      I know 'MyAlternateEM' exists as the rest of my app is using it, and if I debug org.jboss.seam.selectitems.Config#find(Class,Object) and change the String 'entityManager' passed into Component.getInstance() to 'MyAlternateEM' all is well.

      (I've also tried dropping the '#{' and '}' from around 'MyAlternateEM' in components.xml to no avail)

      Any ideas?

      Thanks and regards,