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    "page parameters" trouble

    Giampaolo Tomassoni Newbie


      I'm trying to use the "page parameters" feature in seam, but I see that defining whatever kind of action (through < h:commandButton/ > in example) in a page yields erratic behaviour when parameters are switched from outside the app itself (in example, from a < a href="..." / > from another page).

      The problem is easily shown in "framed" pages. In my case, I have a left frame which is meant to "navigate" the content of the right frame. Loading through the left frame a right page with different parameters with respect to the shown one, the GET with the new parameters is correctly issued by the browser, but the parameters that Seam sets to the new page are the old ones.

      I'm experiencing this problem with both jboss-seam-1.1.0.GA and jboss-seam-CVS-20070111.

      I looked for a solution to this problem both in Seam's Jira and in this forum, but didn't find any. Is there any way to circumvent the problem?

      Also, if mine is the first report of such a problem, I can supply a testcase in Jira.


      Giampaolo Tomassoni